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Fins n Things

About to do a drop on Fins n Things, Moab, Utah. Suzuki with a 3″ Calmini lift, RockCrawler gear set, and some other things. View Larger Map

Unattach WordPress Image From Post 0

Unattach WordPress Image From Post

If you want to unattach an image from a post in WordPress, and you know your way around your database, try this: Backup your database. Open PhpMyAdmin Find the wp_posts table. Find your image...


Gemini Bridges (MOAB)

Free camping at Moab? You bet. Gemini Bridges was totally empty when we were there in July. Fantastic free camping. The only requirement from the BLM office is that you bring with you a...

Convert Mac OSX MOV to MP4 for free (really) 0

Convert Mac OSX MOV to MP4 for free (really)

Update: A better way to do this can be found using iMovie HD in this post. Sometimes Google just gets it wrong. I was looking for a way to convert my MOV slideshow from...

HostGator Speed for WordPress 2

HostGator Speed for WordPress

I recently moved this blog to HostGator, which comes with an extraordinarily low price tag. Initially worried about moving to a company whose tag line is “we eat up the competition”, I was pleasantly...