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How to make a high quality HD MP4 iPhoto Slideshow

For some reason, with iPhoto ’11, I just couldn’t get high quality MP4 slideshows to play on my PS3. The quality was terrible, especially in the cross-fade. I also recently wrote an article on how to convert MOV, which comes out great, to MP4 using iMovieHD, but again, either the file was too big, or the quality was too bad. You also may have noticed that on some converters, your cross-fade disappears. This is because the MOV has some crazy JPEG/Crossfade filter that nobody else recognizes. I messed around with just about every setting in the Custom Export screen, and finally gave up. So here’s how to create an HD, high quality MP4 from iPhoto that’s super easy.

  1. First, download, compile and install ffmpeg. This article by Stephen Jungels is invaluable. I added a few more options to the configure command though: –enable-avfilter –enable-swscale (I have a backup of these instructions. Contact me if the page by Stephen is unavailable).
  2. First of all, you want to do a custom export to a QuickTime Movie.
  3. Click “Options” and set the “Size” of the movie. This’ll make it pretty big. It might tell you that you need several gigs, but the size will come down.
  4. Now pick your poison for the compression settings. I used these, and the quality was good.
  5. Once you have the MOV or M4V, you’ll need to flip it to MP4 using ffmpeg. I did ffmpeg -i “Tree&” -sameq -ab 262144   TreeJoelSlideShow-HD.mp4

Voila. A high quality MP4. My 3.5 minute slideshow came to about 175MB. Not too bad.

HostGator and CloudFlare Speed Tests

I recently added CloudFlare CDN to a few of my HostGator sites, and the results were a little surprising. Here are some tests I did on various sites:

# Domain name Size Load Time Average Speed per KB Type
1 4.43 KB 0.21 seconds 0.05 seconds Vanilla HostGator
2 4.22 KB 2.39 seconds 0.57 seconds CloudFlare + HostGator
3 35.88 KB 2.69 seconds 0.08 seconds CloudFlare + HostGator
4 7.19 KB 0.61 seconds 0.08 seconds Dedicated Colo (Not HG)
5 1 KB 0.59 seconds 0.59 seconds ?

Convert MOV to MP4 with Mac iMovie HD

Here’s how to convert a QuickTime MOV video to MP4 so that it will work on other devices like your PS3.

  1. Open iMovie HD, and create a new project.
  2. Import the MOV file.
  3. Export the MOV file as a QuickTime file, but choose Expert Settings.
  4. Click share and then, and when the save dialog comes up, from the export menu, choose “Movie to MPEG-4″
  5. Select the Options button.
  6. Select the following settings. You can go auto, but I used the following for high quality settings. You’ll probably need to experiment though.

About to drop on Fins n Things

Fins n Things

About to do a drop on Fins n Things, Moab, Utah. Suzuki with a 3″ Calmini lift, RockCrawler gear set, and some other things.

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